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The casino burnt down in the early 1980s. In the 90s the town gained a reputation as a centre for jazz and now hosts an international jazz festival every summer.Thomas Beecham first manufactured his famous pills in Wigan. Marks and Spencer was born in Wigan when Michael Marks joined forces with... inside wigan casino - Download Songs and Music... -… Searched for 'inside wigan casino' and found 2595 results, Download inside wigan casino songsNorthern Soul - Inside Wigan Casino. Description : When a council workers oxy-acetyline torchSonny Childe - Inside outside upside down - Music Factory - Old Alan Rhodes Wigan Casino spin. The Road to Wigan Pier - Wikiquote

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Wigan Casino 3 Before 8 - Texas Holdem Auf Aida Mississippi did it right, people in the industry say, and did so with Southern hospitality.Repairs are underway on the Palace Casino.By the time final night came in late 1981, many of Wigan's best-known DJs These were the last three songs to be played at the end of the Wigan Casino Allnighter. Wigan Casino Story - Northern Soul --- A Way Of Life--- There were clubs for purists, for innovators, for collectors, but if what you really wanted was a club for dancers, then Wigan Casino was the place to go. At 2am in the early hours of Sunday, September 23, 1973, the doors of the Wigan Casino opened to the Northern Soul all-nighter crowd for the first time.

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The Wigan Casino was a nightclub in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England.This final Wigan Casino song became one of the most famous northern soul songs of all time , FrankWilson ' s " Do I Love You ( Indeed I Do )".The Wigan Casino building burned down a year after it closed .

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Poor-Man's Speed: Coming of Age in Wigan's Anarchic Northern Soul ... Sep 23, 2013 ... We reached Wigan Casino around midnight with my mate's cousin who was .... fabricated punk rock anarchy that was orchestrated down the King's Road. .... If I could only grab one soul record from a burning house it would be ... Wigan Casino - Northern Soul

However many people remember that the casino continued to open even after that and it seems to be unrecorded when the last night at the casino actually was. The Wigan Casino building burned down a year after it closed. The site, in 2009, is occupied by the Grand Arcade shopping centre. Footnotes